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My Extended Family

Last week was my first holiday away from my family. A few months ago, I did not know how I would spend the holidays. I suspected some alone time filled with Netflix and hot chocolate. I predicted a few tears from excessive boredom, and warm blankets for couch cuddling. But there was a different unforeseen plan that was set in place that exceeded all my expectations. The past three months, I have gained a new family and I never saw it coming. From work to church, my friendships are growing in large numbers. While everyone is new to me, somehow it feels so natural.

I remember saying to my best friend Ashley (before arriving to Detroit) that I don’t know what kind of person I should be in this new city. I have never lived outside of Alabama where Crimson Tide and cajun boiled peanuts were no longer obsessively relevant. I wasn’t sure if Detroit would accept me or understand me as an outsider. However, I was quick to learn that Detroit and the people in it were waiting with arms open wide. The spirit of the holidays began to prove that more and more everyday. With multiple friends and family Thanksgiving dinners, I couldn’t contain the joy I was experiencing. Though no one can replace the value of fellowship with my friends and family back home, it was a relief to feel at peace with the company I keep in my new city.

Everything I have been experiencing has been nothing but a blessing that I cannot take for granted. With only half of the holiday season gone, I hope to savor more memories and create new traditions.

God bless,


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