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My Best Years…

I remember back in 2009 when I was first starting college, post-graduates swore to me that my best years were going to be my four years in undergrad. I always found that statement pretty interesting. You mean at age 40 and 50, I will still be looking back at the time I was 20? I figured I should make the most out of my time spent there, since it also goes by very quickly. I got to school and worked alot, instead of spending excessive time doing the things that college was supposedly meant for (other than education of course lol). In fact, I began dreaming of the days I was no longer in college. I felt God promise to me more than what I could see. I graduated and little did I know, His plans for me exceeded all that I could ever ask for.

The beginning of 2014 was God strengthening my faith and humility in silence and solitude. If those months had not happened, I don’t believe that I would have had the experiences 2014 has brought me. It was March when opportunities appeared. They were prepared flawlessly– Set in place for me to choose. I don’t deserve this kind of love.

The best part about the open doors was where it led me– Detroit, Michigan. You see, the greatest thing that I love about Detroit is its honesty. Never have I been to a place that is truly vulnerable in ways that is so genuine, yet precious. Its beauty is hidden behind the scars from years of oppression, neglect and battery. Concentrated with social and institutional racism. Plagued with heavy-hearted media criticism. Judged for wrongdoing it never committed. Manipulated and mishandled in more ways than others. Deemed as unsafe and dangerous by spectators from afar. And unexcused for being the way it is because “the past is over.”

YET Detroit has as a certain spirit that exudes both promise and liberty. Inspiring hope and confidence. And built on a foundation of inclusion and prosperity. Now backed with perseverance and strength.

I just can’t help but to love it here, especially since this is where I experience God the most. Ultimately I must say that I look forward to many more “best years” to come.

Happy New Year,


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