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Top 3 Reasons to Love Detroit

This year has been a packed. From conferences to panels to presentations. From neighborhoods to downtown to Eastern Market. There are many things that Detroit has to offer. So much so, that I’ve decided to narrow my favorites down to three main points.

1. The People – The week before moving to Detroit, I was very nervous about how this new place and new people would receive me. I’ve always been genuine, yet I wasn’t sure what to expect. The very first day, I knew I was in the right place. I’m surrounded by the greatest inspirations. Every day I get the chance to be moved by the efforts of my friends.

2. The Food – I have never been to a place with such a large variety of options. I love that there is the ability to walk down the street and pass by restaurants inspired by a host of different countries and traditions.

3. The Promise – I believe in the greatness of Detroit’s future. I can’t deny that I have fallen in love with it’s underrated treasures. There nothing better than truly knowing the heart of Detroit and understanding your calling because of it.

These reasons are what allow me to stay in the city and want to continue my growing my life here.

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