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Let It Snow: 8 Winter Essentials

Tonight is the first night that it is predicted to snow in Michigan. Though it is only meant to be a small flurry, I can’t believe his time of the year is already here. I’ve been assured by coworkers and friends that the REAL snow and terror won’t happen until January, however, my lack of experience told me to prearrange things for the now. I have created a list of all the items I need to survive the cold, in hopes that I can later evaluate whether I was adequately prepared for this new experience.

1. Insulated Snow Boots – The most miserable feeling is being warm everywhere else but the feet. With advice from multiple people, investing in more expensive boots are well worth the high price tag in the long run. I was recommended to use Zappos and to read the customer reviews as a way to determine my purchase.

2. Bomber Hat – With the winds being so strong, it is great to have a large hat that protects the head and ears. Having the artificial fur is highly recommended.

3. Thermal Socks – As an extra layer of protection to insecure warmth, insulated socks are recommended to be a second line of protection for your snow boots.

4. Insulated gloves – Having a warm impenetrable winter coat can feel like the most essential item you would need for the winter, but if your hands are uncovered or poorly covered your whole body will still feel unprotected. I learned that lesson while in Alabama.

5. Thick Scarf – Scarfs essentially serve the same role as gloves in which it covers the vulnerable areas between the coat and hat. I am hopeful it will truly make a difference this winter.

6. AAA Roadside Assistance – I have been advised countless times to insure my car with roadside service. There are three different service packages to choose from. I will surely be counting on them if I get stuck in a ditch!

7. A Servant’s Heart – I truly believe that the most important resource to have is a heart to serve others. I truly believe that I am not placed on this Earth to only look out for myself. What more can we do to give more wholeheartedly this winter?

Though this list may be short, I truly believe that these items will make for a productive winter. As stated before, I am hoping to learn from my purchases and actions this winter, only to rely on them for the future. I truly appreciate all of the insight given and I hope to add more to this list later this season.

Stay warm and be blessed,


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