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Tonight, I had a chance to step back and reminiscence on the journey up util this point in my life. I reflected on the people along the way, and how vital they are to the completion of my life story. Now to reflect on the community that I have become a part of, and I see the correlation between the amount of youth and the amount of mentors. There are thousands of people willing to volunteer their time and money, but unfortunately there aren’t enough. Many people are very engaged in volunteer opportunities, but some tend to forget that consistent face-to-face interaction with young people can have such a greater affect. Upon arriving in Detroit specifically, I noticed that it is a place that is willing to fight for family, friends, and future. I was fortunate to have acquired a system of people who only wants the best for me. It only makes it easier to want to do the same for others. With all that we do at Challenge Detroit, I am learning that it is not only amazing to have a hand in helping non-profit partners expand their brands, but it is also just as important to take the time to meet the people with are affecting. Maybe grow some bonds. If you are looking for some opportunities that can allow to become involved in a consistent way, there are many sites such as that can help you find an opportunity that interests you.

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